by Edip Yuksel

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If  Moses,  Jesus,  and  Muhammad  were back today, the Jews
would stone the first as Anti-Semite, the  Christians  would
crucify  the  second  as  Anti-Christ, and the Muslims would
stab the third as Dajjal (The imposter).
Idolization  of  human  beings  is  the  epidemic   of   all
religions,  and  it  is  the  most  common  tragedy of human
history. According to the original teachings  of  all  God's
messengers, idol worship is the biggest offense against God.
Besides, the idolization of prophets, messengers, saints and
the faith of  human  intercession  etc.,  creates  religious
abuse,  oppression,  conflict and fighting between believers
in God.
When believers  start  idolizing  their  previous  religious
leaders,  they  develop the tendency to idolize their living
religious leaders too.  The  clergymen,  in  order  to  take
advantage   of  that  weakness,  focus  their  preaching  on
praising  the  departed  humans--Buddha,  Jesus,   Mohammed,
etc.,--instead of God.
These  clergymen  and their fanatic followers killed many in
the name of their  incarnated  gods.  They  fabricated  many
prohibitions.  They made money and fame in the name of those
human  gods.  And  they  claimed  to  have  the   power   of
intercession  in  their names--so much so that they sold the
keys to the heavens, and holy handkerchiefs.
So, if we want to follow the Old,  the  New  and  the  Final
Testaments,  if  we want to stop religious exploitations, if
we don't want to be blind idol worshipers, if  we  want  the
unity of all the believers of all religions, we must start a
"Copernican   revolution"   in    theology.    Instead    of
Krishna-centered,  or  Jesus-centered,  or Mohammed-centered
religions we must turn to to the  original  center,  to  the
God-centered  model.  To achieve this revolution, each of us
must start questioning the formulas and teachings that  have
created  incarnated  gods.  Christians  must  start from the
Trinity and clergy, Jews from Mishna  and  Gemarah,  Muslims
from  Hadith  and Sunna. I hope the next century will be the
century of unity under the banner of "God Alone".
"The Lord your God is One God.
You shall worship the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind,
with all your strength.
(Old Testament, Deuteronomy 6:4;
New Testament, Mark 12:29;
Quran, the Final Testament 3:18)
"Say, 'O followers of  the  scripture,  let  us  come  to  a
logical agreement between us and you: that we do not worship
except God, that we never set up any idols besides Him,  and
never  set up each other as gods beside God.' If they reject
such an agreement, then  say,  'Bear  witness  that  we  are
Submitters.'" (Quran, the Final Testament 3:64)

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