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Faith and Works

The Gospel (which means, "the good news")

By what measure does God judge us?

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Whether it's acknowledged or not, the most important issue facing all of us is whether or not there is a day of judgment, and if so, how will God evaluate our lives? The consensus view among all major religions is that we will face a day of reckoning. Most portray judgment day as a weighing of good deeds versus bad deeds.

This seems fair from a human perspective, but the Bible reveals a different perspective-- that even our most righteous deeds are like filthy rags in comparison with God's holiness. Why? Because it is unrealistic and unrighteous for us to take credit for goodness that did not emanate from us, but rather from the One who made us.

The Bible declares that if we respond to God in humility and depend wholly upon His goodness and mercy, expressed tangibly in Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection, He will forget every bad thing we have ever done and reward us according to our responsiveness to Him. If, on the other hand, a person never bows his heart in surrender to God, God will forget every good thing he has done, and judge him according to his bad deeds.

In other words, God judges us on the stuff that's on one side of the balance scale only. This picture of judgment is unique to the Bible. But, this is to be expected. Only the Bible transcends man's perspective to reveal for us God's love and justice and mercy.

I tried to become a Christian, but couldn't.

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Have you ever met someone who said he tried to become a Christian, but just couldn't do it? There can be several reasons for this. One is that the person may have hit the barrier of occult involvement. If he's willing to acknowledge and turn away from that involvement, no problem. If not, big problem.

Let's define our terms. The occult would include any attempt to gain power or knowledge through Satan or one of his cohorts, the demons. Obvious attempts include participating in a seance, playing with a ouija board, visiting a fortune teller, or practicing astrology. More subtle attempts may include possession of occultic records, tapes, books, pictures, charms, games, or other such objects.

If you or someone you love need to break through the occult barrier, here are four steps you can take:

  1. Identify any and all open doors to occult influence.
  2. Agree with God in prayer your opening these doors to the occult was wrong.
  3. Take action to show your repentance. Destroy any and all occultic objects and have nothing further to do with them or with occultic practices.
  4. Ask Jesus Christ to be the master of your life submitting your will to His.
  5. Dedicate your soul, mind, and strength to be used for fulfilling His purposes.

To contact Reasons To Believe, send us an email or write:

Reasons to Believe, P.O. Box 5978, Pasadena, CA 91117.

How is one saved?

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Have you ever considered how incredibly compact the Bible is? In a little less than a million words, 39 authors provide insight on every kind of problem that man has ever faced or ever will face.

There is one problem, the most basic problem, that every one of the 66 books of the Bible addresses; namely, how can an imperfect human being develop a relationship with a holy and perfect God?

Developing an eternal relationship with God is the essence of Christianity. What is the starting point?

It is to become convinced, through a proper examination of the evidences God has provided in nature and in the Bible, that God is perfect and we humans are not.

The Bible clearly states that God is perfection, but it also says that God is so loving that He would not leave us hopelessly distant from Him in our state of imperfection without providing some way to come to Him.

He Himself is the only one wise enough and powerful enough to provide that means of bridging the gap. If we publicly trust in His means (His Son's sacrificial death on the cross) and no other, receive His pardon for our imperfection, and commit ourselves to follow His instructions for our lives, we will enter into an eternal relationship of love with Him.

For more information on how to be saved, click here.

How can I know I am saved?

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A lot of people claim to be Christians but how many of them really are? How can anyone really be sure that he or she has received God's gift of eternal life?

The signs of a permanent personal relationship with God have very little to do with outward piety, performance at church, or even supernatural signs and wonders. According to the Bible, the marks of a true believer are new desires, sensitivities, and strengths. For example:

  • A new desire to study the words of God, found in the Bible.
  • A discovery that the Bible now comes alive when it is read.
  • A new desire for communication with God through prayer.
  • An informed certainty that Jesus is the way to God, the one and only.
  • A heightened conscience, keener sensitivity to right and wrong.
  • A genuine love for others and a desire for fellowship with other believers.
  • A new strength to do what is right and to withstand temptation.

These are just some of them.

For someone who has just given his life to Christ's control, these indicators may be latent. However, in time, with the nurturing and encouragement of the Holy Spirit within and supportive people around, they will be evidenced to a greater and greater degree.

If you would like to learn more about the marks of a true believer in God, send us an email or write:

Reasons to Believe, P.O. Box 5978, Pasadena, CA 91117.

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