Our Choice

The following stories are taken from the book Islam Our Choice, compiled and edited by Ebrahim Ahmed Bawany, 1961. Note that some of the people have titles beside their names, such as 'Lord' or 'Sir'. Their titles are not conferred by Islam: status in society is not the same as status in front of Allah. We have retained the titles to reproduce the book faithfully; we believe that most people will appreciate this.

Isi Lengkap

Lord Headley Al-Farooq
Muhammad Asad
Dr. Ali Selman Benoist
Sir Jalaluddin Lauder Brunton
Mrs. Cecilia Mahmuda Cannolly
Lady Evelyn Zeinab Cobbold
Professor Abdul Ahad Dawud
Dr. Umar Rolf Baron Ehrenfels
Dr. Abdul Karim Germanus
Sir Abdullah Archibald Hamilton
Muhammad Aman Hobohm
Thomas Irving
Mavis B. Jolly
Miss Fatima Kazue
Professor Haroon Mustapha Leon
Dr. Hamid Marcus
Mr. R. L. Mellema
Umar Mita
Ali Muhammad Mori
Mrs. Amina Mosler
William Burchell Bashyr Pickard
Col. Donald S. Rockwell
Muhammad Alexander Russel Webb
Muhammad John Webster
Miss Mas'udah Steinmann


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