What did Jesus
 really say?

Apa yang sebenarnya dikatakan Yesus, dijelaskan secara rinci dari persepsi seorang Muslim.

Complete TOC
Goal of this book
Follow this chart
Table of Definitions
Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Christian perspective
Muslim perspective
'Blind faith'
The 'Trinity'
Matthew 28:19
I Corinthians 12:4-6
II Corinthians 13:14
Jude 1:20-21
1 John 5:7
John 1:1
John 10:30
Genesis 1:26
John 14:8-9
John 14:6
John 20:28
A logical analysis
On 'steam, water, and ice'
The 'Son of God'
Anglican bishops declare that Jesus is not God
How many 'Sons' does God have?

God was his 'Father'?
He performed miracles?
He was filled with the Holy Ghost?
He was the 'Image of God'?
He was 'from above'?
He was the 'Messiah' and the 'Word'?
He was called 'Lord'?
God 'gave His only begotten Son'?

'Unto us a child is born'
People know him?
Is God a man?
Does God pray to Himself?
Jesus is God's servant
Does God have a God?
Is God greater than Himself?
More to think about
Was God ignorant?
But he must be God
He was lifted up
'Worship me!'
Who can forgive sins?
'I am' so he must be God
He did not object
Doesn't need to say it
'Trinity' myth
Destruction of the law of Jesus
Paul, admits fabrication
What is a 'Trinity'?

Contradictions in the Bible

Christian scholars recognize
A small sampling
Did mankind tamper?
When is a book an 'inspired' book?

Ancient paganism
Jesus' second coming
Various miscellanea

A Biblical picture of God
My grandfather did it
Poison yourself
Who's will is stronger?
Who bears the sin?
Like Jesus prayed
Like Jesus' greeting
Thirty seven verses?
The ultimate test of Jesus
Who was 'Immanuel'?
Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani
Hiding the miracles
Was 'Christ' a 'Christian'?
Will Judas judge Israel?
Does God need an 'blood atonement'?

Muhammad in the Bible

Three distinct prophesies
The chapter of 'Al-Alak'
A Paraclete like Jesus
The emigration
Isaiah's vision
Truthfulness of Muhammad
Moses foretells
Hagar and Ishmael
The stem of Jesse
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad
God did not kill Muhammad
Glorifies Jesus
The rejected stone
Other Prophesies

The DS Scrolls and the Gospel of Barnabas
Jesus in the Qur'an
The manners of Muhammad
The life of Muhammad
What is Islam?
Islamic faith: Some details
The miracle of the Qur'an
'We' an Arabic and Hebrew plural of respect
Women in Christianity and Islam


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