Triunity Reports

Kumpulan "The Triunity Report" yang diasuh oleh Hugh Ross M.Sc., Ph.D. Memberikan gambaran bagaimana umat Kristiani berkutat dengan ilmu pengetahuan sambil berpegang kepada ayat-ayat Injil.

Isi Lengkap

Situs Asli
Are we Evolving?
Life Start by Chance?
Einstein's and Hawking's
Oscillating Universe
We are not Evolving
Math. Codes: Part 1
Found on Mars
Martian Meteorite
Molecular Mystery
Beyond Doubt?
Extra-Dimensional Might
Anthropic Principle
Evolution and Creation
Modern Goliath
A Brief History of Time
Noah's Ark?
Crown of Creation
Unexpected King
Is Light Slowing Down?
Coded Words

Acrostic Code Failure

PI found in the Bible
Israel's 1948 Rebirth
Hebrew Codes

Acrostic Code Failure

Yeshua Codes

Acrostic Code Failure

Creation and Time
Cross of Yeshua

Acrostic Code Failure
Bible Codes gone Bad (
Part 1, Part 2)

"Death through sin"
"Mr. Smith, Meet Your Substitute"
Ultimate Realities
Why Extra Evidence?
Genesis 1

Point of View
Creation Events and the Fossil Record

Genesis 1: Part 2
Body Building Program
Shroud of Turin
Until Shiloh Comes
Three Cheers
God as a plural Being
The Trinity
Outside of Time
But Who Created God?
The Martyrdom
A Sign in the Heavens
How Can God Hear
Pattern of SEVENS
Angels, Cherubim, ...
God's Secret Agents
Creation Timescale
Error with the Bible?
The Jews
Transcendence of Time
How Long ...
Stars and galaxies.
God could have ...
Ashes of the Red Heifer
Cloning the Red Heifer
Christ's Sacrifice
Linking Kohanim
Red Heifer Sacrifice
What Day?
Atheism Hits a Brick Wall
Prophecy of Moses
Why Did Israel Reject?
Has God created more?
What is a Christian?
Yehoshua, Yeshua or...
Joshua and The Day
The Atheists Challenge
One small step for God
Atheists Charge
Y-chromosome Reveals.
Yeshua Codes

Jesus Codes: Uses and Abuses

Ezekiel Prophesied

The Bible
Physical Science
Science and the Bible


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